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Beznyl and Beznylan Acid Dyes for Colors for Wool and Nylon
Beznylan Yellow SGR 200% Acid Yellow 59
Beznylan Yellow NW 250% Acid Yellow 151
Beznylan Yellow 3RL Acid Yellow 62
Beznylan Orange RDL Acid Orange 60
Beznylan Bordeaux RLB 200% Acid Red 182
Beznylan Brown GRWS Acid Brown 282
Beznylan Brown S2R Acid Brown 357
Beznylan Dark Blue MBR Acid Blue 193
Beznylan Black BGL 200% Acid Black 107
Beznylan Black RBL 200% Acid Black 132

Beznyl Yellow R (Acid Yellow 19)
Widely used yellow fort nylon dyeing and printing.

Light Fastness 5  
Wash Test #2A 5  
Sea Water 4 Aftertreated 5
Acid Perspiration 4 Aftertreated 5
Chlorinated Pool 4 Aftertreated 4-5
Crocking          Wet

Beznyl Red F2RS 200% (Acid Dye)
This acid red dye replaces the previously well-known Acid Red 114.
It is a strong red and widely demanded for nylon.
Also used on silk for dyeing and printing.
Good penetration on leather.

Light Fastness 5-6  
Wash Test #2A 4 Aftertreated 4-5
Sea Water 4 Aftertreated 4-5
Acid Perspiration 4 Aftertreated 5
Chlorinated Pool 4-5 Aftertreated %
Crocking          Wet


Beznyl BLUE E-BL Acid Blue
  Same fastness properties as the acid blue 324.
Trace  brighter than blue 324.
Used for tricot fabrics and nylon carpets.
This is a level dyeing blue on nylon.

The above acid dyes are great items and sold worldwide with big success! All are made in the U.S.A.

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