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Dyes for the Carpet Industry   

Acid Dyes for Nylon Carpets

Beznylan Yellow 4NGL 200% (Acid Yellow 49)
Beznylan Yellow GRL 150% (Acid Yellow 199)
Beznylan Yellow B4RK 250% (Acid Yellow 219)
Beznylan Orange 3G 200% (Acid Orange 156)
Beznylan Red GN 200% (Acid Red 337)
Beznylan Red BS 200% (Acid Red 266)
Beznylan Red F2R 200% (Acid Red 151)
Beznylan Red 2B 200% (Acid Red 361)
Beznylan Blue 4R 200% (Acid Blue 277)
Beznylan Blue B 200% (Acid Blue 324)
Beznylan Blue E-BL
Beznylan Brown RSM
Beznylan Black W EX. CONC. (Acid Black 52)
Beznylan Black MR 200% (Acid Black 194)
Beznylan Black PAF 200%

Disperse Dyes for Nylon Carpets

Nylon Yellow G EX. CONC. (Disp. Yellow 3)
Nylon Yellow RGFD (Disp Yellow 8)
Nylon Brilliant Orange PG (Disp Orange 47)
Nylon Red 2G 150% (Disp Red 117)
Nylon Red 2R 150% (Disp Red 309)
Nylon Cerise R (Disp Red 308)
Nylon Red RLSW 175% (Disp Red 307)
Nylon Brilliant Red BST (Disp Red 338)
Nylon Blue HBL (Disp Blue 95)
Nylon Blue FBLG

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