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Bezjian Polyester Yellow 3G-LSW

Recommended for:

Light fast results. Auto seat covers
HT dyeing
Polyester and cotton blends
Pad Thermosol process
Package dyeing
Good build-up
Good sublimation fastness

Bezjian Polyester Yellow 2RNS-200

Recommended for:

Dyeing and printing of polyester
Automotive trade (for seat-covers)
High light fastness
Pad Thermosol
Package dyeing
Dyeing of Acetate with good Gas Fastness - 5
pH range 4-8

Bezjian Polyester Orange 4RL (Disp Orange 41)

Recommended for:

Automotive fabrics - high light fastness
Rapid dyeing
Carrier and HT dyeing
Polyester and Cotton and Polyester and Wool blends
Package dyeing
Very good build-up
pH range 4-8

Bezjian Polyester Orange GRL-SF

Recommended for:

Sublimation fast results
Excellent fastness to light and wash
Bright, high energy type
Levels very well is pressure dyeing
Not sensitive to pH variations
Polyester and cotton and Polyester and Wool blends

Bezjian Polyester Cerise BBLN-SF 400 (Disp Red 313s)

Strong color for dyeing and printing
Polyester and cotton blends
Good build-up to Ruby Red
Bezjian is the only supplier of this color

Bezjian Polyester Rubine ERT 200 (Disp Red 341)

Bluish Rubine shade on texturized Polyester
Good light fastness for Men's and Women's wear.
Good sublimation fastness.
Good wash and crock fastness.
Could be applied by pressure exhaust dyeing.
Good printing color.
Good barre coverage.

Bezjian Polyester Brilliant Red BST (Disp Red 338)

Very strong color - maximum use is 1% for dyeing.
Used also on Nylon and Acetate.
Similar shade to the Disperse Red 343.
Much stronger than Disperse Red 60 and not sensitive to trace metals.
Good sublimation fastness for Ladies' Wear.
Good printing color. 10 grams per kilo paste.
Good barre coverage on Polyester texturized fabrics.
Economical and bright shade on Polyester, Nylon and Acetate.
Coloring Red in plastic trade for certain applications.

Bezjian Polyester Red R-SLW 175%

Very strong color
Neutral shade of red on polyester
Excellent fastness to washing and wet crocking
Applied by pressure exhaust dyeing and continuous heat fixation methods
Excellent printing red. 10 grams per printing paste gives a very deep red color.
Also used for dyeing Acetate and Triacetate.
Good barre coverage.

Bezjian Polyester Red 2BSF (Disp Red 88s)

Excellent dye for Polyester and Acetate and their blends.
Very good light and sublimation fastness.
Polyester and Cotton blends.
Also used for dyeing certain plastic materials.
Economical Red.

Bezjian Polyester Red 4BF (Disp. Red 207)

Recommended for:

Excellent light fastness
One bath dyeing of Polyester and Wool blends
Polyester and Cotton blends
Good leveling
SE type
Brighter than the Disperse Red 60
HT and continuous dyeing
Package dyeing
Put-in-color in printing

Bezjian Polyester Scarlet SLH (Disp Red 135s)

Recommended for:

Bright shades on Polyester
Very good sublimation fastness
High temperature dyeing of Polyester and Polyester blends
Continuous dyeing
Package dyeing
Good build-up
Good coverage of affinity differences

Bezjian Polyester Bordeaux 4B (Disp Violet 91)

Strong Bordeaux shade on Polyester and Acetate
pH range is 4-8
God printing color.
Could be discharged.
Good barre coverage on texturized Polyester.
Very good sublimation fastness.
Good build-up.
Package dyeing.
Pad thermosol dyeing.
Polyester and Cotton blends.
Carrier and HT dyeing.

Bezjian Polyester Blue HBL (Disp Blue 95)

Recommended for:

Polyester carrier and HT process
Polyester and wool blends; one and two bath process
Polyester and cotton blends
Clear blue shade
Fast to light
Very suitable for Polyester filaments
Acetate and Triacetate
Polyamide fibers
Not sensitive to iron
pH range 4-8

Bezjian Polyester Navy RD CONC.

A rapid dyeing Navy
Polyester and cotton blends
Strong color
Similar in shade to Disperse Blue 333

Bezjian Polyester Blue GBT 200 Special (Disp Blue 118)

Bright greenish shade on Polyester.
Good fastness properties.
Can be applied atmospherically as well as pressure exhaust methods.
Continuous heat-fixation methods.
Good printing Blue. 10 grams per kilo paste.
Used in flare control areas.
Polyester and Wool and Polyester and Cotton blends.
Also used in the plastic trade for coloring.

Bezjian Polyester Blue CBRA

Strong Blue for dyeing and printing.
Good light and sublimation fastness.
Good barre coverage.
Polyester and Cotton blends..
Carrier and HT dyeing.

Bezjian Polyester Green 6B-SE

Strong Green for Polyester.
Used for Polyester and Cotton blends.
Good barre coverage.
Used in flare control areas.
Very good fastness properties.
Bezjian specialty.

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