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Polyester Dyestuffs used in Printing as  (Put-in-Colors)     

Polyester Brilliant Flavine 8GFF
Polyester Brilliant Yellow H7GL
Polyester Yellow 6GSL 200

Polyester Brilliant Orange NLSW

Polyester Red 4BF
Polyester Brilliant Pink 2GL
Polyester Brilliant Red 5BEL

Polyester Brilliant Violet 5RL 200

Polyester Blue HBL
Polyester Blue FMU (Navy Color)
Polyester Turquoise BGE 200

Polyester Colors that are Dischargeable by Tin Salt

Polyester Yellow G-LSW 200
Polyester Yellow 4RE
Polyester Yellow 2RNS 200

Polyester Orange 4RL
Polyester Orange HB 200
Polyester Orange OB Conc.
Polyester Orange 5R-LSW
Polyester Orange GRL-SF

Polyester Brown 3R

Polyester Brilliant Scarlet 2RL
Polyester Brilliant Scarlet Y
Polyester Scarlet 5-3GFL
Polyester Scarlet SLH
Polyester Scarlet SWL
Polyester Scarlet 4G-SF 200 (Reddish-Orange)

Polyester Brilliant Red B-SF
Polyester Red RBSF
Polyester Red 2BSF
Polyester Red 3RLS
Polyester Red 3BLT
Polyester Brilliant Red BST
Polyester Red RLSW 175%
Polyester Red S-RGL
Polyester Red 2R

Polyester Cerise R
Polyester Cerise BBLN-SF 400

Polyester Bordeaux 4B

Polyester Rubine BN
Polyester Rubine SWL
Polyester Rubine 4RB-SF 200
Polyester Rubine ERT 200

Polyester Brilliant Violet E-2RLS

Polyester Ultra Blue R-LSW
Polyester Blue 2GSL
Polyester Blue CBRA


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